Diversify Your Content

The ferocity in which video has become the go-to for new content creators doesn’t undermine the relevancy the written word still has.

But, still, taking a look at the new mediums in which businesses can communicate with their audiences has expanded in the last few years to a seemingly endless list to choose from. So which mediums will work for your business and how can you do it well? 

Blogs are still foundational to your business and allow new audiences to discover you, yet you can expand into the content you've already created into new and exciting pieces. 

Branded graphics and Infographics
Graphics and infographics not only inject interesting visualisations typically eaten up by most audiences, they are a great tool for complimenting blog posts through illustrations and data break-downs into easy, fun designs.

While working with graphics and infographics is usually more time-consuming and expensive, you can start creating these pieces with evergreen content that won’t lose relevancy within a few weeks of hitting your website.

You can design them in different sizes and formats too, creating content across multiple platforms from blogs to social media and more. 


Of course, a video is a strong contender when it comes to your content. Long-form video content can be easily broken up into a smaller piece to be shared across social media, especially when they have a real attention-grabbing element. Snippets of information, quick announcements and tutorials are good examples of these short videos.

When you dive into longer videos, they typically require more planning and time to execute which has a higher investment of time, and sometimes money. Having a good plan in place on how to maximise the use of your longer videos is a crucial step before hitting record.

Launch content
Have you got a new product, service or event coming out? Creating specific content surrounding your launch is an awesome way to ramp up interest and increase engagement through your content. Depending on your schedule and budget, you can create launch content that begins months before your launch and creates long-lasting relationships with your audience.

A batch release of snippet videos, event-specific collateral, social media tags and influencer collaborations are a few ways to tie your content into your launch. 

What other formats of content are you thinking of investing in?