Focusing on your Authentic Voice

If you've ever read "The Facebook Effect" or even glanced at a certain excerpt, you might find the now well-known phrase;

"The days of you having a different image for your work friends or co-workers and for the other people you know are probably coming to an end pretty quickly. Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity."

Despite this book being published in 2010, now eight years later, this comment still rings true.

Being online in an authentic manner presents the opportunity for criticism, judgment and negative feedback--all things we'd like to ideally avoid. But perhaps even worst is the filtered, censored, disingenuous snippets of ourselves we post online instead.


When it comes to marketing online, remaining as authentic to your voice as possible can be the best way to be successful. 

We all know that the next "big thing" is around the corner, and maybe we'd all like to be this new, shiny success, which is why it's so tempting to simply mimic what we know to be successful, allowing us to hide the vulnerable parts of ourselves while emulating the highly curated, tested-waters from previous successors.

Unfortunately, though, there's one big problem with that. The one thing that separates the 'next' big thing from the last one is the individual. 

When we're trying to copy or mimic the last big thing, we use our own authentic voices, which is the only differentiation between us and others. Trying to do something that's already been done before might be seen as a guaranteed way to get what we want, but it'll never really truly be us that we're putting forward.

Marketing ourselves, our businesses, our stories online all relies on one thing: to present ourselves in a genuine, relatable way. Without human connection, there's no way of really clicking with your audience. I think we can all agree that it's easy to spot a business simply copying another rather than creating something genuine, and as trends evolve, it's becoming an easier process to identify those who are trying new things and those that are just following and mimicking.

Develop your own voice, away from the influence of others. Limit the time you spend watching and learning about those you aspire to be like, and embrace what makes you, you.