Use Branding to Build Your Business Recognition

Branding your business goes so much further than just your logo.

Creating a visually cohesive brand with strong messaging and unique identifiers allows audiences and prospective clients to really click with your business. Everything about your brand tells a story. It creates connects and nurtures existing audiences. You can make (or improve) your business branding by the following:

Be consistent
Consistency is crucial--from the way you speak to your customers, the frequency and content in which you blog--everything. Which is why ensuring the visual aspects of your brand are totally consistent across all mediums. 

Creating branded graphics, identifiable social media designs and consistently using the same colours, fonts and formats will make your brand identifiable almost instantaneously to your audience. It's this form of recognition that'll remind your audience of your presence. With colours, pick core/primary colours (typically 2) and secondary colours (3-4) and stick with them. Use them throughout your graphics, marketing material, collateral--everything. We've got an example palette below for you to compare notes to.


Quality, quality, quality
There's no escaping the importance of quality. Your images, campaigns, social media platforms all need to be high-quality. Don't have the budget or time to create your own images and graphics? Utilise free, and legally accessible, photos like those from Unsplash (99% off all our imagery is from Unsplash.) Purchase an affordable set of social media templates or learn how to use Canva. These things are relatively easy, cheap and will have a huge impact.

Alternate between detail and negative space
When it comes to your brand, there's a lot to be said about overwhelming or underwhelming with your branding. Utilise highly detailed, engaging content and graphics with pared back, simplified versions. The below set of photos is a great reference point to this. Bunch all the super minimal type-based images and it's a little boring. Place all the detailed photos together and it looses the 'punchiness' to your overall feel.