How to Create Great Evergreen Content

Have you ever heard 'content is king'?

If you blog for a business (or you're an actual blogger) than it's highly likely you know the importance of engaging, quality content for your audiences.

Of course, content varies greatly on what you're writing about and what purpose it serves. A fashion blogger will have a different approach compared to a local dentist trying to increase organic rankings. Regardless of your content direction, timeless content is a great place to start.


What is evergreen content?

Creating topical, seasonal content is great for publishers that update regularly, but evergreen content (also referred to as timeless content) is designed to be informative quality that is relevant over a long period of time.

The benefits of frequently publishing evergreen content are pretty great. It's much easier to plan and create evergreen content as it can be published at almost anytime and isn't reliant on trendy topics.

Evergreen content has a long withstanding, meaning the better and more informative the content, the better chances of ranking high. Evergreen content can reinforce audiences perceptions that your content is quality and here to last.

When should I publish seasonal content?

There could be times of on-trend, topical content you'd like to cover immediately. These pieces of content are typically something happening in your industry right now that can serve as an opportunity to add your expert opinion to. Seasonal content is often demanding of time and requires a quick turnaround to produce it, which is harder to predict then evergreen content.

There are advantages of posting seasonal content, such as creating a hype around your post from others discussing the topic. It's a great chance to stay current and attract new readers too. 

No matter your business or industry, creating a combination of timeless and relevant content is the best way to appeal to long-term and new readers while establishing yourself as a voice of authority.