Importance of Strategic Content

When discussing content, a strong focus on strategy will frequently be honed in one.

Strategic content is developing content specifically as a tool to achieve overall business goals. Each piece of content you publish can be viewed as a deliverable with a certain goal in mind. A key suggestion commonly mentioned is the importance of consistency, from regular delivery, high-quality content and ensuring the content has a purpose. 

Publishing regular content also opens up the opportunity to diversify content and publish for more than one audience, establishing a further reach for influence and establishing yourself as not just an expert in your field, but with experience in others. It’ll also help new audiences reach you who may not have seen your work before and allow them to read previous posts and form a connection.

Apart from consistent publication (whatever that cycle may be), there’s been a slow pull towards a more transparent, approachable style in writing. This could be increasing vulnerability in your posts, sharing personal experiences or revealing more of oneself. Authenticity is just as, if not more, important than consistency as it creates credible impact and connection.


The more you share yourself in your regular content, the more impact you’re likely to have with your readers. Storytelling is a huge niche amongst publishers and is becoming one of the most shared forms of content online. Audiences who are invested in your stories, advice, experience--whatever it may be--are likely to become frequent visitors and may become engaged with other services or products.

Not every post you publish needs to be emotional or from personal experience, but it is worth creating that content amongst your typical posts.

For individuals who may be bloggers or for businesses who are trying to establish themselves as a publishing entity, there are certain types of content to take into account when planning content strategically. Both sponsored and organic content is applicable to individuals and businesses, especially if that content will be posted on more than just your personal website. 

Content requires consideration and planning with tact to ensure readers are able to identify the difference between organic and sponsored content. Don’t be put off by distinguishing the two - sponsored content isn’t something to shy away from as, simply, it often allows more organic content to be produced. 

Bloggers, businesses, online stores--they are all designed to serve a purpose and often make an income. That should be something that is celebrated. 

Creating strategic content will require an initial investment of your time but doing so makes provisions for improved content, a stronger focus on intention and better alignment with overall business goals.

There are key takeaways you can put into action right now:

  • Create a list of the content you'd like to write, and research using keyword tools how likely it is for new audiences to find the content.
  • Now do the opposite: research highly searched content and create it.
  • Plan to write content that is a little revealing. Tell your story.
  • Edit, edit, edit. Run it through a program like Grammarly.

Create strategic content that attracts new audiences and connects readers to new topics.