Important Notes About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools you can use in any website medium.

Using Google Analytics to gather all sorts of information and data about your audience can be a crucial step in making decisions regarding your marketing efforts. These valuable insights can translate to a deeper understanding of your customers spending habits, the best content you're publishing and the demographic you're attracting.

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Learning how to use Google Analytics doesn't need to be overwhelming. Once you understand the core terminology, Google Analytics will act as a useful tool to access data and make data-driven decisions.

A Unique Visitor: The Real Definition

The term 'a unique visitor' can be misleading. Unique visitors are counted by using 'cookies.' A cookie count is how Google Analytics assessing your unique visitors - by counting each unique cookie. 

This can mean anyone who hasn't cleaned their cookies for years (if ever) will be counted as one unique visit, despite possibly viewing your content regularly. The same happens if an individual uses multiple devices to look at your website - they'll be counted as a unique visitor each time. 

Use URL Tracking

Google has an in-built URL builder to help you make connections between links you use to direct traffic and how you assess the results in Google Analytics.

It's simple, easy and takes the guesswork of how determining how customers are finding your website.

Discover Site Search

If your website has lots of content, it's useful to know what your readers are doing on your website. Google Analytics makes this process of discovery easy. Enable your 'Site Search Settings' and select the 'Do Track Site Search' to have a report of the exact keywords your audience is searching throughout your website.

This includes galleries, blog posts and more items that can be accessed.