Should You Start a Blog?

“There’s nothing inherently refined about blending in.”


It might be 2018, but blogs are still a hot topic. When working with individuals who are curious about the state of the blogging world, I usually get one of three questions:

Should I start a blog now? Are blogs over? Have I missed the blogging boat?

The thing is, none of those are really the right question.

The only thing to consider is how you genuinely feel about putting something out there that you've written and what your purpose behind it is. Blogs aren't new, and the key indicator of how well someone has progressed with a blog comes down to three things: they are genuinely passionate about what they are putting out there, it's created with authenticity and consistency is met.

should you start a blog white desk with plants

If the idea of starting a blog genuinely inspires or excites you - regardless of whether it's personal or business related - then do it. Start the blog. Get it happening. But if you're not having that spark and it tends to feel more like an obligation as a part of something bigger, than don't. Yes, that might be thought of as dramatic but the lesson is transferable into endless parts of our lives. If you don't love it, then why do it?

Starting a blog for any purpose other than just launching thoughts into the large interweb is a commitment, no doubt about it. You need to consistently blog, review what content is being engaged with and be aware of your audience. Starting a blog itself is relatively simple, but content is king. Always.

It's often assumed that if you have a business online, or a brand to represent, that blogging is just something we all need to do. That might be applicable, yet it always comes down to whether you have the time and drive to make it happen.

Everyone is busy these days with competing priorities, so if regular blogging isn't one of yours, it might be easier to just say no. Don't over-commit yourself to something you're not 100% keen on.