Introducing Monday Salt


Sold once.
Completely tailored.
Final files delivered in 7 days.
Website online in 14.
Your brand, your colours.


INTRODUCING /  Partnership No. 1  /  2018

Monday Salt

Fit for service businesses.

Package includes: main logo, logo variations, submarks, hand-lettered elements, stamp/sticker design, thank you NOTES, business cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, menu/pricing cards, pricing cards, social media sets, tailored squarespace website.



About the Brand

Monday Salt is an edgy, fun and approachable brand that has been created for businesses in service based industries such as a cafe, beauty salon, restaurant or retail store. This brand can be customised to any business.

The submark is a hand-lettered element loosely composed of the business initials which will be redone in your business name + two revisions.

The colour palette is interchangeable to suit your needs.


Partnerships are the most special part of our business.

Once your request form has been put in and approved, you'll receive every element you see below, such as the Brand Suite, Marketing Suite and Squarespace website template. These products are 100% yours and won't be sold again to anyone else.


  • Main Logo with 3 variations, secondary logo with 2 variation, submark with one variation and all lettering/icons plus a stamp/sticker design
  • All files show in EPS, JPG and PNG file formats.
  • Color palette and guide plus all fonts

Marketing Suite

  • Business Cards, Thank You Card, Loyalty Card and Gift Card and Menu/Pricing files in EPS format or prepared for print in PDF format for your printer of choice with one colour variation

Digital and Website

  • Fully tailored Squarespace template with Expert Installation



Branding & Marketing Collateral

Gift Card and Loyalty Card designs are perfect for creating engaging connections with clients. This flexible design can be expanded upon to postcard style marketing collateral and referral cards. Monday Salt's logo has multiple various across each piece to stay on brand.



This Squarespace hosted website is pre-built with 10 tailored pages for any service business. Utilising textures, high-quality images and branded elements throughout creates a recognisable feel while maintaining a prioritised focus on user experience. Downloadable menus and pop-up marketing included.



Use guest access to view demo



Staying on brand is important, which is why this package contains 6 tailored, customisable Illustrator files for both Instagram and Facebook. Promote new products or in-store events with text based files or create images with branded elements.



Completely tailored branding, marketing suite and website delivered in 14 business days.

$5,200 AUD