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squarespace pre-made templates office space with couches and tables

Squarespace Templates

Pre-made, expert installation and completely tailored to you and your business.


It's no secret we love Squarespace. Our range of Squarespace pre-made templates are finally here.


Squarespace is an incredible platform full of advanced functionality, beautiful design and one hell of a support team.

The one thing, however, that we strive to improve on Squarespace are their templates. Squarespace offers some beautiful templates, yet we've found that they can be tricky to get right. They are presented in an inviting way but when you're using your own content they can be challenging to really make as your 'own.' This is where our pre-made Squarespace templates come in.

We've got a pretty extensive range of Squarespace pre-made templates that can be built to suit any small to medium business, creative project or portfolio.

The best part? Our Squarespace pre-made templates are expertly installed for you, with zero coding needed on your behalf. You can launch within weeks, rather than months.

The end result is a tailored, functional, beautiful and unique to your business.